Let's Journey towards a Fitter "You"
We at Nutrivity strive for overall development of an individual by providing
a healthy combination of adequate nutrition and exercise.
01 Nutrivity Connect
We love meeting new people and getting to know their amazing personalities over a glass of fresh fruit juice. This is our favorite step where we indulge in friendly banter and get to know more about your lifestyle habits.
02 Ask the Expert
Breaking common myths and answering all your queries related to a healthy lifestyle for better understanding. Most people are led to believe that being healthy is complicated, we would love to show you the other side to it. Clear all doubts related to fitness fads during this session with our expert.
03 Nutrivity Evaluation
Now we get to the technical part, we will need detailed information about your eating, sleeping and drinking habits so that we can prepare a customized diet plan to suit your requirements. We do in-depth analysis of all your habits to come up with the best possible health and nutrition solutions for you.
04 BCA (Body Composition Analysis)
We get to the numbers now where we run a few tests to check the ratio to lean muscle tissue , viscer fat levels, skeletal muscle mass, percentage of water in the body, metabolic rate, BMI (Body Mass Index) etc. These numbers along with your lifestyle habits are essential for designing your customized diet plan.
05 Off to a Healthy Journey
This is when we put planning to action by providing you with your first diet plan along with a package full of other deliverables that will empower you and furhter you towards your health goals. This is a journey on which you will never be alone and will find us forever by your side.

The Complete Game Plan

for Eating Out
Eating out is inevitable in today’s fast-paced world, so we give you tips for having a healthy and nutritious meal while eating out at restaurants. And, to take things a level up we also take care of your different cuisine choices by advising you about healthy eating options within different cuisines.
Diet Diary
How to follow a diet and monitor it too? It sure sounds like a difficult task; hence, we provide a diet diary in which you can maintain your records to gauge the effectiveness of the diet.
Nutritious Recipes
Healthy food is not necessarily boring. To break this myth and to make healthy food tasty, our expert Kejal Sheth takes great pleasure in inventing and sharing tasty healthy food recipes. We give out amazingly delicious and healthy substitutes of various seasonal / festive dishes and desserts. So you never miss the fun but always stay on course with your diet goals.
Healthy Grocery
It's easier to stay healthy when you know what ingredients are required to stay fit! We not only help you with the necessary ingredients but also guide you with the best brands in the market and places to buy healthy ingredients. We also provide you with a custom-made list of healthy grocery options to simplify and further empower you in your healthy journey.
Survival Manual
We tend to forget our normal lives when on holiday. One is most likely to cheat on their diet while travelling. Hence, we share tips that can be followed to stay on track during your holiday.
Snack Smart
with Nutrivity
We all love munching on snacks! We at Nutrivity understand this and provide you with healthy snacking options to pacify all the hunger pangs. For this we have specifically curated a list of healthy snacks based on various nutritional requirements to make sure that your sudden hunger doesn’t come in the way of your diet plans.
Day to Day
Necessity Manual
A plan to cater to your day to day needs, according to your work and daily schedule. We provide a complete assistance towards a healthy lifestyle. We also aid you in the process of measuring and keeping a check on the cooking as well as eating portions. We also help you to train yourself for more mindful eating.
At Home
Workout Manual
We also provide you with an easy to follow at home workout guide based on your body type and this coupled with the customized diet plan is guaranteed to give you the desired results. Also, various workout tips are shared by the expert that will help you fulfill your fitness goals.